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8/21/2015 - Been doing some freelance photography and layout work recently, but I finally got around to posting the July 15th Red Cloud, Nebraska supercell account! It can be found here or by clicking the image below. Easily the best chase of the year for me in terms of structure. Would have a hard time seeing that change between now and winter, but you never know what the late severe season holds!


8/15/2015 - Headed out earlier this week to watch the Perseid meteor shower. Found a nice spot at Maple Creek Rec. Area near Leigh, NE. Beautiful lake with a beautiful night sky! Witnessed around 100 meteors through the night. Here's a shot of the spectacular view of the Milky Way looking down from the bridge.

8/03/2015 - Been a very slow chasing season, but did manage one (rather incredible) chase near Red Cloud, Nebraska last week. Headed out with Cody Ervin with an initial target of Hebron, NE. We were gradually lured further west as our cumulus died and new storms tried to tower near Red Cloud. Our first storm fizzled out when the storm to its south rained into its updraft. Luckily, the southern storm took off and provided a fantastic barely-in-my-home-state chase! Here's one of my favorite images from the day. The full chase account will be up later this week!

 - Lots of cool things happening lately. Have a couple of art shows coming up, which required some creative thinking and challenging printing. Ended up discovering a rather cool printing solution. Happy to announce that in addition to standard printing sizes, I now have the ability to print your art in any shape you want, including the shape of US states! Here's a handful of states I had made for an upcoming installation about storm chasing across the US. Check it out, and let me know what shot you want printed in YOUR state!

**For pricing, shoot me an email at evanludes@framedbynature.net**

9/10/2014 - Had a nice local chase yesterday evening as storms fired in south and eastern Nebraska. Not much to see in the way of structure, but found one heck of a photo op along the way! A lovely young lady gave me permission to take some shots of their family's sunflower field, and the sky didn't disappoint! Was going to leave just after sunset, when suddenly, a new thunderstorm popped up to the southwest and presented a little lightning op. Lightning over sunflowers? Check that one off the bucket list!

6/20/2014 - Been a slow start to the chase season, and work has caused me to miss a couple major outbreaks close to home. That always hurts, but I've recently adapted a rather zen mindset when it comes to chasing. You can't chase everything and be on the biggest, baddest storm every day. Someone else is always going to be in a better position to shoot it, so you just have to learn to be happy with what's in front of you. Drove up to around Huron, South Dakota on Wednesday in hopes of catching some decent storms. We were about 20 minutes too late to see any tornados and didn't see any significantly cool structure. However, I didn't let that put a damper on my day. Sometimes, it's what you see while driving home that makes the day worth it.

Mammatus clouds near Artesian, South Dakota

12/4/2013 - Well, finally getting around to putting some new content up here! Still have a few storm chasing accounts from this year to write up, but have recently been caught up in starting a new project: the documentation and cataloging of snowflakes. Have really only had one chance to test out the new setup, but the results have been tremendous. In order to keep this ever-growing collection of snowflakes up to date without annoying everyone with daily updates, I've decided to implement a simple Flickr set slideshow on my new dedicated snowflake page. Give it a look and let me know what you think! Below is an example of the ever-updating slideshow you can find on the page. If there's enough interest generated in the snowflakes page, I may make a snowflake gallery widget a permanent part of the home page. We'll see where this project takes me!

6/20/2013 - Things have really sped up around here in terms of having things to chase this spring. Chased two days in late May (25/26) both of which produced fantastic classic supercell structure. Then had a more recent chase on June 14th that yielded some incredible structure close to home! Already have that one posted and put up some placeholders for the 25th/26th accounts in the 2013 Accounts section. Click this link or the image below to see more images and read the story behind this epic storm!

5/08/2013 - Been a slow slow start to spring. Only been on one "real" chase so far! April 7th around Great Bend, Kansas. Had one cell overtake the rest and become severe-warned. Almost produced a tornado early in its life, but ended up being more of a structure show. Certainly a unique one, full account is now up here!

3/30/2013 - Put up a short 2-minute video on YouTube, a teaser of my recent trip to the Black Hills with fellow photographers Chris Allington and Michael Loguda. Had an interesting time fighting the weather during this trip, but we made the most out of it! Took a lot of video with the Sony Action Cam (HDR-AS15) to test out its capabilities. You can watch the video for yourself, but I'm quite impressed with the quality!

3/17/2013 - Account posted for a local chase day back in 2011 that produced some incredible scenes. Thought this day was largely going to be a bust, but some towers at twilight really pulled through! Click this link or the image below to see what the entire day had to offer!

3/05/2013 - Latest account to be added to the 2011 section is the April 9th chase of the Mapleton, IA cyclic supercell. A tornado-producing, lightning machine! Check it out by clicking this link or the photo below.

2/07/2013 - New account up here for our trip to Squaw Creek NWR in spring of 2011 for their 1.4 million migratory snow geese.

Included in the account is a rather crazy Red-Winged Blackbird photo op as well.

 - This year's calendars are finally up and available for purchasing! Five different calendars to choose from this year, so you can really narrow down your selection to exactly what you like the most. Be it storms, lightning, landscapes, sunsets, or just the seasons in general, I've got one for you! These are all printed and shipped through deviantArt.com, which has supreme prints quality and service.

11/11/2012 - New image account up recounting yesterday's chase in central Nebraska. Think this is the first time I've actually gotten an account up the day after the chase occurred lol. 
Bagged my best daytime lightning shot to-date as well. Click this LINK or the image below to read the full account.

10/28/2012 - Got the Badlands / Spearfish Canyon / Devil's Tower account up! Check it out HERE for a full text and image account of our trip. Definitely took some of my hands-down best landscape photos on that trip, can't wait to go back!

Other than that, not a ton going on around here. Had a couple mediocre lightning ops with some late-season storms, but nothing spectacular. A few fall color shoots, but it's tough to have any motivation to shoot local stuff after seeing such cool landscapes in South Dakota and Wyoming lol. Had a busted chase in Kansas recently, which I may end up making an account for anyway since 2012 has been pretty dry otherwise. Been getting back into timelapses more and more lately, so that may be my next big update.

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