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What's Up? Latest Images

03/08/2018 - Delved into the archives and wrote up an image account for May 15th, 2015 in western Nebraska. Still debating making some fairly substantial changes to this site (if I ever have the time to do so!) but in the meantime, will work on catching up on the backlog of photography accounts. Click the image below to read the full trip account!


03/01/2018 - Winter is finally coming to a close here in South Dakota. Of course, it will still be a couple months before we get any real storms. Nonetheless, I thought I would drop a quick update. This past winter has kept me very busy both at work as well as shooting video for Live Storms Media. While Spring is right around the corner, I hope to use the next couple of months to catch up on processing storm chasing image accounts as well as some timelapse footage. In the meantime, here's a couple videos from this past winter in South Dakota!

And after a very quiet summer/fall fire season, we did have a couple of wildfires this winter during drier stretches of weather. Never a dull season in South Dakota!


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