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June 1st, 2010

This turned out to be not too bad of a chase considering how local it was. Left once I got out of school (oh how I don't miss that lol) and headed south and west. Satellite showed ongoing convection in a line to the north, but we hoped for something to fire in the cumulus field to the south. Of course that didn't end up happening, so we blasted north for a tornado-warned notch that was trying to separate itself from the line.

Here was our first look at it. We were just relieved to see a couple striations and a faint hint of structure as we approached. It actually had inflow at this point, pretty much the only point in the day when it wasn't solely outflowing.

Getting closer. Almost a little rounded, but quickly turning into a classic shelf.

Here's the first point where we stopped. Tyler and Chris looking over the storm. I knew basically nothing other than it had some nice green color.

Kind of a cool scene looking down the road. Classic whale's mouth shelf.

Panoramic of the scene. Overhead now. Wasn't moving too fast at this point so we weren't too concerned.

Got out ahead of it again. Really picking up speed now, and warned for severe hail. Glowing ridiculously green lol. Tough to shoot in the high winds and driving rain beginning to come down, but I did manage one clear shot.

Out in front of it again in the river flats. Actually had a low wall cloud now! Have a couple images that show what appears to be a conical funnel, but I won't call it anything at this point. Feel like if it was spinning at all, we probably would have noticed it at the time.

Just a giant green RFD cut now. Probably the greenest I've ever seen a storm get though.

Panoramic image. You can kind of see where that conical funnel is trying to form on the right.

Tyler got a cooler shot with a bolt at this point. Check out his shots here.

Tyler rushing to fill up the jeep as the line approaches. Probably should have left the storm here and gone home but we continued to try and stay ahead of it.

Another line now. Very outflow-dominant on the left, yet you can see a decent meso forming the right. Was odd being in front of an outflow-dominant portion of the storm while being blasted by inflow winds from the other end.

Panorama as the outflow is about to overtake us again.

Last shot of the day, caught a random bolt just before it caught us for the last time. Ended up all the way down near Nebraska City, when we probably should have headed back much earlier. Oh well, at least it was still fairly local. Nice to get out and chase with friends regardless!