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April 1st - Nighttime Line Intercept

Continued east on 91 through West Point where we ran into Eric Anderson from Funny running into friends who live just a few miles from you so far from home. Gave him a call and decided to drop south to Fremont and then south/west towards Wahoo, NE where the line looked to intensify. Figured at the very least, it would be a good opportunity to show Nick the basics of shooting lightning.

Not a bad scene to pull up to, just west of Wahoo. Elevated shelf with plenty of lightning below.

Account Images

Nick shooting lightning. Always bring a spare tripod!

Looked pretty awesome as it was nearly overhead now. This was 14mm on a full-frame 5D1, so ultra ultra wide field of view. This is looking north, where you can see the city lights of Fremont lighting up the bottom of the shelf near the horizon.

Drove west into Wahoo and got south out of town just before it swept through. Finally stopped again near Waverly once we were out from under the shelf again.

View looking northeast basically parallel along the line was rather sweet. That side angle makes the notched portion of the line almost look like a rounded supercell.

One more really quick stop just north of I-80 as the southern portion went severe-warned again. Not much to see now as we were behind the shelf to the north and west.

Got out of there just in time and blasted back home on Interstate. Had some big rain drops hit just as we got on the onramp and probably weren't more than 30 seconds ahead of the real hail. Took a quick screen grab from Radarscope to show how close we played pretty much the entire day as a result of the slower storm motions.