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01/21/2020 - Happy New Year everybody! Recently had some free time to put the Mavic 2 Pro through its paces and try a little creative work. Flew through Art Alley in downtown Rapid City to give a fresh perspective on a popular tourist attraction. It changes every time you go down there, always new murals to see! With that in mind, I wanted to use the drone to highlight some of the murals that are higher up and more difficult to appreciate from the ground. Give it a look (in 4K!!) and enjoy!

About Me

Evan Ludes, 26

Rapid City, SD

UNO Graduate





04/01/2019 - Hey everyone! It's been a gorgeous start to the year in South Dakota, at least if you find the sight of snow and ice to be beautiful. Sarah and I spent a few late winter days in the Black Hills, trading the frigid temperatures of Rapid City for inversion-assisted warmth in higher elevations. Despite the warmer temperatures, the scenes we found in Spearfish Canyon looked to be straight out of a winter fairy tale. Check out the video below for a taste of what we saw!

You can also view a "Winter Highlights" video I threw together chronicling some of the most potent winter storms of the season. A lot of slow-motion goodness filmed with the new Sony AX700!